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Watera Hellas Present at Best City Awards 2023

Mykonos and Orestiada municipalities were honored with Gold and Silver awards for the Watera Hellas desalination plants they have installed as part of this year’s Best City Awards, which took place on Monday, January 16, 2023, at the “Miltiadis Evert” amphitheater of Athens Municipality.

The Municipality of Mykonos received the Gold award, for applying seawater reverse osmosis desalination technology over time, to cover the ever-increasing needs of the island for high quality potable water. The island’s Mayor Mr. Konstantinos Koukas, received the award on behalf of the Municipality.  It is noted that the Watera Hellas desalination plants operated by the Municipality of Mykonos have a total nominal capacity of 11.000 cubic meters per day and cover a significant percentage of the demand for potable water.

To the same effect, the Orestiada Municipality received the Silver award for one of the largest decentralized water treatment projects carried out in the country. The city’s Mayor, Mr. Vasilios Mavridis received the award on behalf of the Municipality. In particular, within the framework of this contract, high quality potable water is provided to 19 villages and settlements of the Municipality of Orestiada, solving problems arising from high concentrations of pollutants such as manganese, iron, arsenic and nitrates. The supply of the water treatment systems, including 14 reverse osmosis desalination plants, with a total capacity of 15.300 cubic meters per day, was undertaken by Watera Hellas.

Watera always supports every effort to upgrade the infrastructure of the country’s Municipalities aiming to improve living conditions of both permanent residents and visitors by ensuring a sufficient quantity and high quality of drinking water.