Watera International

Watera Hellas goes “Green” by commissioning of a new photovoltaic system for self-generation of electricity (Net Metering) at its Athens facility.

In the beginning of December, Watera Hellas, within the context of its broader strategy for sustainable development through the reduction of its energy footprint with a reduction of its operating costs, has put into operation a new photovoltaic (PV) system with a rating of 100 kWp.

The new PV system was installed on the roof of its building located at the Industrial Park of Ano Liosia next to the Athens Ring Road. The PV system was connected to the low-voltage network in accordance with a relevant contract with energy compensation (Net Metering) signed between Watera and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. (H.E.D.N.O. S.A.)

Based on the regulatory framework that governs the PV systems under Net Metering, the generated electrical energy is offset with the consumption of the specific facility. Thus, Watera Hellas will use energy from a renewable source that will initially be consumed directly. Whenever its PV system produces excess energy, this will be conveyed to the electrical grid where it will be «stored» indirectly so that its value can be reconciled with the value of consumption during the periods when the generated energy is not sufficient to cover all the consumption of Watera Hellas’ specific facility.

The specific PV system has been designed so as to cover 100% of the annual electricity consumption of Watera Hellas’ specific building. The useful lifetime of the PV system is estimated at 25 years while the payback period for the investment, based on the current cost of electricity, is estimated at 2 years.